Jillian Rae Plays Bryant Lake Bowl with Sarah Morris, Saturday, September 10

Craving an intimate night of music & storytelling with two of the Twin Cities' finest? Do you also happen to enjoy crafty drinks, delicious eats, and bowling? If you like all of those things, then this is just TOO perfect...

Join Jillian Rae & Sarah Morris at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater on Saturday, September 10th. They will play you their favorite songs, give you the down low on their own songs, and heck, you might even get a personal high five from them by the end of the night.

Sarah Morris is a singer, songwriter, and country phenom from Minnesota's metro area. She recently released a new album called, "Ordinary Things." It's lovely. Sarah is lovely. Be excited to see Sarah perform.

Jillian Rae is a singer, songwriter, and violin phenom from Minnesota's Iron Range. She trekked down to the Big City years ago to play music & is now happily considered a Minneapolis Transplant. Jillian has an album out called "Heartbeat" and a few singles. She also has a new EP on the way. Sources say it sounds amazing. Jillian is amazing. Be excited to see Jillian perform.

Be extra excited to see Jillian & Sarah perform if you normally can't get into music shows... because this show is all ages.

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at the door.
Doors: 9:30 pm, Music: 10:00 pm

xo Jillian

Jillian and Sarah


Listen to "Heartbeat"

Purchase the full Heartbeat album on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon.
Purchase Heartbeat single on iTunes.

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